Creation Portraits

Inspiration from God's First Book - The Bible
Portraits of God's Second Book - Nature
Helping you enter into the presence of God

The mission of Creation Portraits is to provide worship resources:

To encourage Christians in their daily personal relationship
with God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
To help prepare the people of God for Christ’s soon coming.
To help develop the image of Christ in His people.

Christian Screensavers

Each inspirational Christian screensavers is free under the Creative Commons license.  Each screensaver is designed to provide a calm and peaceful experience in worship, to elevate your mind to the atmosphere of heaven.  As you pause for refreshing, and meditate on God’s Word, your soul will relax and be awed by the presence of God’s Spirit.  Each inspirational Christian screensaver contains 40 high-resolution images of God’s creation, with His Words to call your heart to His tender love. The scripture used in each inspirational Christian screensaver is taken from the King James Version with slight word changes for easier reading.  Each image from God’s second book, nature, provides a soft peaceful background for the inspirational Words of God from His first book the Bible. Just watching the images and meditating on the scriptures will help draw your heart closer to Christ.  This is not a substitute for daily Bible study and prayer, but a cool refreshing drink of the Living Water. So take a break from the busy trials of the day and reflect on the promises and encouragement of God’s Word. Each screensaver will install a quick launch icon on your desktop for easy access to start the screensaver.  Whatever your reason for downloading an inspirational Christian screensaver from Creation Portraits, you will not be disappointed.

Worship Videos

We are currently in the process of developing worship videos.